Final Artwork

The last of the artwork is in for The Magic Seekers!

While we were waiting, we added a few surprises, including finalizing touches on the fourth and bonus module.

We have some surprising traps and terrifying monsters for your new players that they’ll be sure to enjoy!

Next step: as soon as the proof is finalized, we’ll be ordering copies and shipping the first ones out to our amazing Kickstarter supporters! Then it’s on to your orders next. Look for them to arrive at your doorstep in about 2-4 weeks if you pre-order your copies today.

Download the Blank Character Sheet (PDF)

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Starting Production

We received the final artwork for the magic cards today for The Magic Seekers!

We’re still in the process of proofing everything, but thought you might like to see what a few of the cards look like together. The image to the right is just a sampling of three cards, magic rings, swords, and spells.

In total, there will be 18 cards. Look for expansion packs in the future, but this set will get you and your adventurers started! And if players want their own cards, you’ll be able to order decks separately!

Download the Blank Character Sheet (PDF)

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Down the Home Stretch

We hope that you all will love the last little polishing we’re putting on The Magic Seekers!

Although we’ve shared quite a bit with you all, rest assured that we’re also saving some surprises for you, too.

New to role-playing? We’ll have illustrations of new characters and magic items that will hopefully spark your imagination and play.

We’re off to the printers by Monday of next week! We’ve got books, cards and dice to get ready for everyone!

Download the Blank Character Sheet (PDF)

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Magic Boots and More

We’re finalizing just a couple of details for The Magic Seekers!

In many cases, we’ve created a number of new character types, spells and magic items.

In others, we’re also re-imagining some aspects of role-playing that are favorites with your players. This is our artist’s version of magic boots that allow the wearer to walk silently across any surface!

They’re elven inspired, but we’ve made them look a little sturdier, while still being adorned with the kind of details that while make any player want to find a pair for their character.

Which characters will find them? And which in which adventure of The Magic Seekers could they make a critical difference in an encounter with a crazed minotaur, mad medusa, or hulking giant that will threaten your party’s very existence?

Download the Blank Character Sheet (PDF)

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Check Out New Characters from our Players

Our players are contributing ideas for some of the new characters that you can play as part of The Magic Seekers!

If you need a quick start for a game, you can use these fun characters, complete with illustrated character sheets and full-color drawings of them!

Or if you have the time, have your players create their own characters too.

Download the Blank Character Sheet (PDF)

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Magic Item Artwork

Our artists are hard at work finalizing a few last items for our magic cards!

As GM, you’ll have a set of custom magic cards for your players that will feature the most important and wondrous magic items associated with The Magic Seekers!

We’ll post some sample cards soon, but thought you would like to see some of the early sketches of the artwork too!

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The Rings of Quespa: A Magic Seeker’s Adventure

Humble son and daughter of Nabo, you have been summoned by the King and Queen on a quest of great importance. The Witch Quespa threatens the wondrous lands of Theramour. She has enslaved the gentle Quesper, and now she threatens the entire kingdom.

It is up to you and your little band of adventurers to find the Witch, discover the source of her evil power and defeat her once and for all.

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Come and Imagine!

Imagine if you will with me.

Do you remember the first time you heard those words?

They send a shiver down our spines as we’re teleported to places of imagination from our childhood. No matter where we find ourselves in life, our imaginations are never far from our minds.

We wrote The Magic Seekers with that feeling always beckoning us from just around the next shadowy corner, as the sun sets on that hot summer night, and the air is electric gold, turning to deep blue. It’s a time of magic and terror, halfway between our hopes and dreams, and the horrifying adventure that lurks between the shadows.

Roleplaying games don’t have to be overly complex and arcane sets of rules requiring hours of preparation to play, and dozens of adventures to master.

The best and most memorable games are about the stories, and the role that your players create for their characters—no matter the consequences.

Out of the desire to find a quick and approachable way to create new and memorable adventures for new and seasoned players alike, we wrote and designed The Magic Seekers.

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Wondrous Magic

Want to amaze your players with something new in role-playing, and instill the same wonder that you felt the first time that you played?

We often talk about how role playing is a game of imagination. While that’s certainly true, it never hurts to have a little artwork to aid in how we see our characters and their adventures!

Although you might think that a ring is a ring, our artists might argue with you on that point.

We’ve assembled some of the best artists to bring alive the swords, armor, rings and even the spell books for your adventurers!

These are memorable items that your players will be envious of!

And don’t forget: The Magic Seekers includes collectible magic item cards for your players. Order multiple sets so your players can collect their own cards!

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New Magic Items

The team here is hard at work, forging the latest magic items for The Magic Seekers.

We work with the most talented artists in the industry to produce fun and fantastic artwork to go with some pretty amazing magic!

Here we feature Mishibizhii’s Armor. It’s insanely light-weight and strong. Your player will move with the strength and speed of a cat, and remain protected like a tank!

Will your players and their characters be fortunate and brave enough to discover it in The Magic Seekers?

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